Sunday, July 10, 2016

Press Release: Kema Nichole

Sincere Solidarity:  Author Kema Nichole Announces the Release of “The Lovers Scroll” to Give Poetry Lovers a Taste of Her Creative Karma.
Queens, NY, July 7, 2016 –Author Kema Nichole knows from personal experience dreams don’t always come true and sometimes expectations lead to disappointment. She has been able to withstand many storms in her life and as a sensitive being she can empathize with others. As a Lesbian Author, military veteran and survivor of depression and heartache she found therapeutic solace in creating poetic lyrics.  She realized in elementary school that she had a special connection with words. She has been told by many that her lyrics are touching and uplifting.  She decided to pursue her true passion with her first book in The Lovers Scroll, now available as an ebook.   

Poets are artist who express themselves with words. They are able to weave words into lyrics that provoke thought and evoke feelings. Poetry is special because it speaks to the mind as well as the heart. Poets arrange words to create word pictures. Throughout history Poets have played a significant role in the cultural development of civilizations. Kema Nicole is a member of this talented group and she is leaving her digital footprint in history with her book The Lovers Scroll a volume of seven chapters of prose and poetry.  

Kema Nichole is currently working on her second poetry book and a fiction novel. The Lovers Scroll will be sure to have poetry lovers waiting for the second entrĂ©e to tempt their palettes.  Learn more at Amazon. She is available for interviews and appearances at: