Sunday, July 10, 2016

Press Release: JB Smiley Jr.

Bounce Back from A Setback: Author JB Smiley Jr. Announces the Release of “Born With It: Unleashing Your Greatness” to Give Young Adults Hope for A Brighter Future.

Little Rock, Arkansas, May 17, 2016 - Author JB Smiley Jr., a former basketball standout turned lawyer, knows from personal experience that big dreams for the future don’t always come true. As young people leave the protection of their parents they begin to experience how unpredictable life can be. Due to unforeseen circumstances they sometimes are sidetracked. They will often feel lost without a sense of direction. JB Smiley Jr. realized after years of dealing with disappointments and regrets that he always managed to land on his feet. Over the years he never stopped mentoring younger adults with his lessons learned. His desire to inspire and uplift his fellow man led him to write this book. He provides his advice on how to redirect oneself by looking within and finding strength and courage. He will launch his new book Born With It: Unleashing Your Greatness on 8 September 2016.  

Throughout history Mentors have been a group of people who are natural teachers. They are also born talkers. They often take personal interest in helping the careers or advancement of others without being asked.  They share common traits such as empathy, patience and great comprehension skills. JB Smiley Jr. is a member of this group. 

Smiley is an attorney born and raised in Memphis, TN and currently living in Little Rock, AR.  His desire and passion to help others began on the basketball court. During his high school years he always found time to volunteer at youth basketball camps to teach basketball skills. He also used this time to pass along wisdom to the next generation. “One step toward a goal is better than any moment of complacency,” he said. This same desire and passion continued beyond college. As a professional athlete turned lawyer, Smiley uses his experiences to motivate those he comes in contact.  He often says, “Change is inevitable; just make sure you are changing for the better.”

Smiley is very involved in his community. He is a member of various organizations and has had the pleasure of  speaking in several cities throughout the country. Born With It: Unleashing Your Greatness, provides a beacon of light on how to break through the darkness for a brighter future.  Pre-order Born With It: Unleashing Your Greatness by visiting Mr. Smiley is available for interviews and appearances at: and can  also be reached by visiting the SmileySpeaks’ Facebook Page.