Friday, July 29, 2016

Press Release: Vena Stewart-Semprie

Stress Less: Author Vena Stewart-Semprie Announces the Release of Inspirational Book “Caregiver Triumphant” to Prepare Caregivers for Challenging Times

Toronto, Canada, July 29, 2016 –Author Vena Stewart-Semprie knows from personal experience what it is like to be the source of strength to someone whose health is failing.  When a person has an impairment which limits their daily activities they need a Caregiver.  The impairment can come from different diagnosis such as aging, traumatic injury or a debilitating illness.  After years of caring for her husband who has been living with Multiple Sclerosis for over 23 years, she was able to find coping mechanisms to give her strength to deal with the strain and stress she was feeling. She consolidated her story along with countless others she met through various organizations in her new book Caregiver Triumphant which in now available on Amazon.

A Caregiver can be a paid or unpaid person. In most families, a family member assumes the responsibility out of love and loyalty with little to no training. The common qualities they share are empathy, dependability, patience and strength. The common challenges they share are isolation, lack of information, few community resources and drastic changes in family roles. Where do they turn when they are feeling overwhelmed? Vena has a solution.

Vena is a Caribbean native and mother to four children. She lives in Canada with her Husband of over 47 years. She is very involved with the local Multiple Sclerosis support groups. She has met many individuals whose story paralleled hers. She started a Blog to help caregiver’s navigate through their complex roles.   “To be better able to take care of your love ones, you must first take care of you,” she said.  Through personal friendships in the groups she began to see a pattern with coping methods.  “This book contains the information I wish I had known when first learned that my husband would need long-term care,” she said.  

Vena’s blog is called Caring for Caregiver.  Her new book, Caregiver Triumphant provides a consolidated guide to help other Caregivers prepare for the physical, mental and emotional challenges they will face.   It is available for purchase at Amazon.  She is available for interviews and appearances at:


Monday, July 11, 2016

Press Release:Lynn Case

Author Lynn Case Announces the Release of Thriller Novel “Gabrielle Lost” to take you on a wild and tense ride.

San Francisco, CA, March 22, 2016–Southern girl at heart and world traveler Author Lynn Case releases “Gabriella Lost” another novella in the Gabriella Grimadi Saga. She continues to capture suspense, thriller and mystery book reader’s imagination with twists and turns.

Case a military spouse of over 30 years, has been traveling around the world and raising a family. She has always had a love for writing since a young child. She kept her writing private until 2013 when she was encouraged to publish her first novel. She has been able to bring her observations from extensive travels to life in her books.

Set in Italy, in the world of high fashion “Gabriella Lost” interweaves various storylines.  “Gabrielle finds herself in a country other than her own, in danger from the Italian mob cartel and stuck in a love triangle with four corners, not to mention her career in the world of high fashion in danger. After curiosity gets the better of her, she investigates some strange shipments in the company warehouse and the mystery and suspense begins,” Haily C. Jones said.

Katherine Brookman, a Goodreads fan said, “I loved this author’s first 2 books. I just had to get her latest one. It did not disappoint! The author literally takes you through a mental trip of Italy in this mixed up tale of four hearts. WOW!"

Case is available for interviews and appearances. Her book can be purchased and she can be contacted at


Sunday, July 10, 2016

Press Release: Kema Nichole

Sincere Solidarity:  Author Kema Nichole Announces the Release of “The Lovers Scroll” to Give Poetry Lovers a Taste of Her Creative Karma.
Queens, NY, July 7, 2016 –Author Kema Nichole knows from personal experience dreams don’t always come true and sometimes expectations lead to disappointment. She has been able to withstand many storms in her life and as a sensitive being she can empathize with others. As a Lesbian Author, military veteran and survivor of depression and heartache she found therapeutic solace in creating poetic lyrics.  She realized in elementary school that she had a special connection with words. She has been told by many that her lyrics are touching and uplifting.  She decided to pursue her true passion with her first book in The Lovers Scroll, now available as an ebook.   

Poets are artist who express themselves with words. They are able to weave words into lyrics that provoke thought and evoke feelings. Poetry is special because it speaks to the mind as well as the heart. Poets arrange words to create word pictures. Throughout history Poets have played a significant role in the cultural development of civilizations. Kema Nicole is a member of this talented group and she is leaving her digital footprint in history with her book The Lovers Scroll a volume of seven chapters of prose and poetry.  

Kema Nichole is currently working on her second poetry book and a fiction novel. The Lovers Scroll will be sure to have poetry lovers waiting for the second entrĂ©e to tempt their palettes.  Learn more at Amazon. She is available for interviews and appearances at:


Press Release: JB Smiley Jr.

Bounce Back from A Setback: Author JB Smiley Jr. Announces the Release of “Born With It: Unleashing Your Greatness” to Give Young Adults Hope for A Brighter Future.

Little Rock, Arkansas, May 17, 2016 - Author JB Smiley Jr., a former basketball standout turned lawyer, knows from personal experience that big dreams for the future don’t always come true. As young people leave the protection of their parents they begin to experience how unpredictable life can be. Due to unforeseen circumstances they sometimes are sidetracked. They will often feel lost without a sense of direction. JB Smiley Jr. realized after years of dealing with disappointments and regrets that he always managed to land on his feet. Over the years he never stopped mentoring younger adults with his lessons learned. His desire to inspire and uplift his fellow man led him to write this book. He provides his advice on how to redirect oneself by looking within and finding strength and courage. He will launch his new book Born With It: Unleashing Your Greatness on 8 September 2016.  

Throughout history Mentors have been a group of people who are natural teachers. They are also born talkers. They often take personal interest in helping the careers or advancement of others without being asked.  They share common traits such as empathy, patience and great comprehension skills. JB Smiley Jr. is a member of this group. 

Smiley is an attorney born and raised in Memphis, TN and currently living in Little Rock, AR.  His desire and passion to help others began on the basketball court. During his high school years he always found time to volunteer at youth basketball camps to teach basketball skills. He also used this time to pass along wisdom to the next generation. “One step toward a goal is better than any moment of complacency,” he said. This same desire and passion continued beyond college. As a professional athlete turned lawyer, Smiley uses his experiences to motivate those he comes in contact.  He often says, “Change is inevitable; just make sure you are changing for the better.”

Smiley is very involved in his community. He is a member of various organizations and has had the pleasure of  speaking in several cities throughout the country. Born With It: Unleashing Your Greatness, provides a beacon of light on how to break through the darkness for a brighter future.  Pre-order Born With It: Unleashing Your Greatness by visiting Mr. Smiley is available for interviews and appearances at: and can  also be reached by visiting the SmileySpeaks’ Facebook Page.

Press Release: Christopher Roberson

 Author Christopher Roberson Announces the Release of Super Hero Fiction Thriller “The Power Bolts” to Awaken Your Inner Crime Fighter.
Prosper, Tx, May 8, 2016–Software Engineer and devoted family man Author Christopher Roberson releases “The Power Bolts” the first in the Blue Thunder and Pink Lightning Saga. He captures the action and adventure of the book reader’s imagination with secret identities and superhuman power.

Roberson a graduate of Prairie View A&M with a degree in Computer Science in the United States, mastered the art of combining character, setting, conflict, plot and theme at a young age. He kept most of his writing private until recently when his supportive wife encouraged him to publish his superhero idea. From Ninja Turtle shells recreated as sofa pillows with bungee cords to garbage bags worn as capes, Roberson has seen it all and has been able to capture the child’s imagination in his book.

Set in quiet suburban neighborhood “The Power Bolts” highlights the love and teamwork between a superhero brother and sister.  “I love the particular style in which the author narrates alternating between the big sister and the younger brother. This added a new twist and level of depth to the story which was refreshing. Nice reading and I’m excited about the future from this Author!” An Amazon Customer said.

Blue Thunder and Pink Lightning are off to a great crime fighting start with this book. They will soon join other legendary sibling duos such as Scarlet Witch and Quick Sliver from X-Men and Wonder Twins from Super Friends.  

“The Power Bolts” Case will awaken your inner crime fighter no matter your age. For more information and to purchase his book, please visit Amazon.