Sunday, July 10, 2016

Press Release: Christopher Roberson

 Author Christopher Roberson Announces the Release of Super Hero Fiction Thriller “The Power Bolts” to Awaken Your Inner Crime Fighter.
Prosper, Tx, May 8, 2016–Software Engineer and devoted family man Author Christopher Roberson releases “The Power Bolts” the first in the Blue Thunder and Pink Lightning Saga. He captures the action and adventure of the book reader’s imagination with secret identities and superhuman power.

Roberson a graduate of Prairie View A&M with a degree in Computer Science in the United States, mastered the art of combining character, setting, conflict, plot and theme at a young age. He kept most of his writing private until recently when his supportive wife encouraged him to publish his superhero idea. From Ninja Turtle shells recreated as sofa pillows with bungee cords to garbage bags worn as capes, Roberson has seen it all and has been able to capture the child’s imagination in his book.

Set in quiet suburban neighborhood “The Power Bolts” highlights the love and teamwork between a superhero brother and sister.  “I love the particular style in which the author narrates alternating between the big sister and the younger brother. This added a new twist and level of depth to the story which was refreshing. Nice reading and I’m excited about the future from this Author!” An Amazon Customer said.

Blue Thunder and Pink Lightning are off to a great crime fighting start with this book. They will soon join other legendary sibling duos such as Scarlet Witch and Quick Sliver from X-Men and Wonder Twins from Super Friends.  

“The Power Bolts” Case will awaken your inner crime fighter no matter your age. For more information and to purchase his book, please visit Amazon.