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Author: Chris Mason

Author Interview: Chris Mason

Book Title and Subtitle: Video Store in a Box: A Guide to Free Television and Movies on the Internet

Genre: Nonfiction, Film and TV

Chris Mason
Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Chris Mason and for the last 20 years I have been a house husband raising three kids with special needs. During this time I received my Bachelors in Psychology and a Master’s in Education. Due to the fact that all my children went to an online charter school, I had to find ways to save money and found many free resources through the internet. In fact I still think it is funny when I first asked my daughter’s teachers for resources that could help her when she first entered the world of Online schooling, I only received 3 websites. I thought 3 websites from 6 teachers was a sad state of affairs, so Tutor in a Box was born. That was years ago now. My eldest daughter was in sixth grade then, now she is a sophomore in college.

My other books were born out of two things that happened at the same time. First, my family had to give up cable to save money but my kids still wanted to see the then popular That’s so Raven. Second, my mother came up with Mason Day to teach my kids that they did not need a lot of money to give someone a nice gift. Mason Day was when a person was assigned a family member and had to make them something, spending only 20 dollars. My thought was "“Oh my God”. I had no artistic skills like my daughters’ and could not build things like my son, but I did have impressive research skills. So the “In the Box” series of books was born. All are reference guides to the best free stuff in a particular area. The series currently includes:
Tutor in a Box - A guide to free educational resources.
Book Store in a Box - A guide to free print and audio books.
Arcade in a Box – A guide to free video games.
Video store in a Box – A guide to free Television and Movies.
Record Store – A guide to free music

What is one of your favorite positive sayings or quotes?

"Everything is true from a certain point of view".
Alec Guinness

Who or What inspired you to start writing this book?

Trying to get a substitute for cable was my inspiration for Video Store in a Box.

What three words would you use to describe this book?

Free TV Guide

Who is your target group for this book?

Anyway trying to find an alternative to cable.

Tell us about this book.

Is your cable bill to high? Were you one of the thousands affected by the analog digital crossover, and now you’re not getting any TV at all? Tired of the video store being out of the movie you want to see? Do you just want to save some of your hard earned cash in these trying economic times. If you answered yes to any of these questions then Video Store in a Box: The Guide to Free Television and Movies on the Internet is for you. This book will show you how to watch thousands of current and older television shows and movies for free online. Well known websites like Hulu, Fancast and Crackle are featured in the book as well as lesser known websites that feature shows including: Steven King's The N, IQ 145 and Heathens.

The book has step by step directions, with screenshots to get you up and watching your favorite TV shows and movies in minutes. The author's contact information is also included if you have any questions feel free to email.

Video Store in a Box Features:

What tools you will need to watch TV and movies on the internet and where to download them for free.

What types of TV and movies are available online?

How to easily locate when a TV show or movie will next be shown on broadcast TV as well as online.

The types of TV shows and movies covered include:
Current Shows (Revolution, Bones,)
Past shows (Bonanza, Cheers)
Cartoons (Liberty’s Kids, The Amazing Spiderman)
Fan made Series ( Star Trek: Phase Two, Dark Shadows)
Older Movies (Ghostbusters, Ace Ventura)
Fan made Films (Quantum Leap: A Leap to Di for)
Documentaries (Supersize Me, Sicko)
Original Web Only Series ( H+, Sorority Forever)
So what are you going to watch tonight?

What do you hope people will gain from reading this book?

I hope readers will be introduced to all the unique programming available on the Internet.

Is your book in Print, ebook or both?

Video Store in a Box is available as an E-Book at all major retailers.

What advice would you give to other Writers?

I guess my main advice is be passionate about what you write. Have faith in yourself. Don't be afraid to be different and as Ed Wood once said “Keep writing, If your writing is bad it will get better. If it is good it will become great." Lastly, be patient writing is a slow process and remember to enjoy the journey.

Tell us the link where potential readers can buy this book.

My book is available at:

Is there anything else you would like to share about this book?

I am working on two more titles in the series due out Christmas of this year…
Production Studio in a Box: The Guide to make DVD, CD Websites and other Media at Low or No Cost and Entrepreneur in a Box: The Guide to the best Free Websites to Make Money

Like me as an author at Smashwords to find out more about me and my books.

While you are there pick up "Record Store in a Box," it’s Free at all retailers but Amazon.
I am always looking for free resources on the internet. If a reader of this article has a resource they think is good email me. I will give contributor credit in my next edition. I have found many people have question about the topic of free resources. If any reader has any question on this topic feel free to email me@

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview and allowing us a glimpse into your world.