Friday, November 4, 2016

Press Release: E.B. Joseph

Unburdened by Baldness: Author E.B. Joseph Announces the release of Memoir book “My Hair Story: Living Hair Loss Is Not Easy” to Give Hope to Individuals With Alopecia

Fort Lauderdale, FL Oct 26, 2016 – Studies by The National Alopecia Areata Foundation demonstrate that 6.5 million individuals in the United States alone are affected with Alopecia Areata.  This autoimmune skin disease causes hair loss on the head and body in both men and women. Author E.B. Joseph knows about the effects Alopecia can put on an individual's life in both physical and emotional ways due to the baldness. She's chronicling her journey with Alopecia from childhood to life in the military and beyond in My Hair Story: Living With Hair Is Not Easy, now available on Amazon.

Joseph is a mother and retired military service member. She was diagnosed with Alopecia at age 32, however, she did not let the condition stop her from achieving her dreams. Now she turns to inspire others to cope and more importantly, live with Alopecia. This “hair autobiography” helps others see the light beyond the tunnel. Joseph described her experience with Alopecia as “a roller coaster of fear, disappointment, embarrassment, hopes, dreams and finally, acceptance.”  “Individuals have become more aware and understanding of Alopecia over the years thanks to the Internet and Awareness Groups. I want to inspire others with my journey,” Joseph stated.  

Joseph is an author of several titles, including Homeschool Adventure Show and Love Starts With You, however, My Hair Story is the book closest to her heart. “This book is very personal,” she said.  My Hair Story seeks to inspire others with Alopecia to work toward their goals and not feel burdened by baldness.

While not a book about treatment options, My Hair Story is a read for anyone with Alopecia who wonders where to go from diagnosis. The book is currently available from the Amazon Kindle Store.